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SEC Filings
ENLINK MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 424B5 on 04/05/2019
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    any sinking fund or other provisions that would obligate us to redeem or otherwise repurchase the debt securities;

    whether the debt securities are entitled to the benefits of the guarantee of any guarantor;

    whether the debt securities may be issued in amounts other than denominations of $2,000 and integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof;

    any changes to or additional Events of Default (as defined below) or covenants; and

    any other terms of the debt securities.

        This description of debt securities will be deemed modified, amended, or supplemented by any description of any series of debt securities set forth in a prospectus supplement related to that series.

        The prospectus supplement will also describe any material United States federal income tax consequences or other special considerations regarding the applicable series of debt securities, including those relating to:

    debt securities with respect to which payments of principal, premium, or interest are determined with reference to an index or formula, including changes in prices of particular securities, currencies, or commodities;

    debt securities with respect to which principal, premium, or interest is payable in a foreign or composite currency;

    debt securities that are issued at a discount below their stated principal amount, bearing no interest, or interest at a rate that at the time of issuance is below market rates; and

    variable rate debt securities that are exchangeable for fixed rate debt securities.

        Interest payments on debt securities in certificated form may be made by check mailed to the registered holders or, if so stated in the applicable prospectus supplement, at the option of a holder, by wire transfer to an account designated by the holder.

        Unless otherwise provided in the applicable prospectus supplement, debt securities may be transferred or exchanged at the office of the Trustee at which its corporate trust business is principally administered in the United States, subject to the limitations provided in the Indenture, without the payment of any service charge, other than any applicable tax or other governmental charge.

        Any funds paid to the Trustee or any paying agent for the payment of amounts due on any debt securities that remain unclaimed for two years will be returned to us, and the holders of the debt securities must look only to us for payment after that time.

    The Subsidiary Guarantees

        Our payment obligations under any series of debt securities may be jointly and severally, fully and unconditionally guaranteed by one or more guarantors. The applicable prospectus supplement will describe the terms of any guarantee by the guarantors.

        The obligations of each guarantor under its guarantee of the debt securities will be limited to the maximum amount that will not result in the obligations of the guarantor under the guarantee constituting a fraudulent conveyance or fraudulent transfer under federal or state law, after giving effect to:

    all other contingent and fixed liabilities of the guarantor; and

    any collections from or payments made by or on behalf of any other guarantor in respect of the obligations of such other guarantor under its guarantee.


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